Enforcement action

01 May 2020

Author Dolman


Dolman have been contacted during April by two Clients requiring our involvement following enforcement action of unlawful development and unlawful uses.  Our involvement started by engaging with the Enforcement Planning Officer to establish their specific reasoning why the works or use is unlawful.

We then consider Permitted Development Rights available to each specific circumstance, analyse the site history (i.e. previous Planning Applications, Approvals and Refusals) to enable us to give clear advice to the Client about the most appropriate direction to proceed.

In the two April cases, we’re preparing retrospective full Planning Applications to seek lawful development.

In other cases where the development or use has been well established we have been successful in obtaining Lawful Development Certificates for Clients to continue the use of their building or land.

In all circumstances, it’s advised to seek consent prior to a change of use or development.